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Benefits of a concrete driveway

Updated: Feb 19

House entry in Geelong Victoria featuring exposed aggregate concrete driveway and smooth finish concrete floating stairs.
Recent driveway and floating stairs work in Geelong by Arkonik Concreting.

Whether you’ve finished a new build project and require a simple concrete driveway or you’re chasing a bespoke driveway design – we can help you with various concreting and design options. Driveways are one of our specialties – we’ll get the job done in the most efficient way possible saving you time and money.

We can help with: 

  • Driveway design

  • Excavation and earthworks

  • New driveway install

  • Driveway replacement

  • Decorative concrete finishes

  • Letter box and outdoor surrounds

As Torquay’s concrete driveway experts, we can help pull the job together quickly, complete with CAD designs where required. We’ll work seamlessly alongside other building or landscape contractors on site and ensure you’re receiving a long-lasting, premium driveway finish that will stand the test of time.

At Arkonik concreting, we can design a driveway specific to your needs and styled to match any Torquay or Geelong home. Whether you need to level out a steep driveway or create something unique – our team is up to the job and can manage it end-to-end with the right excavation tools for the job. We offer decorative finishes like coloured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete or if you’re looking for a cheaper option, a simple stipple finished driveway might be your pick.

As an approved installer of Holcim Geostone exposed concrete products, you can rest assured that Arkonik concreting keep to a high standard of finish and offer a good range of exposed stone concrete options for your driveway. 

Get in touch with our team for a driveway quote or in case you’re not sold just yet, read why we think concrete is the best!

Benefits of installing a concrete driveway

  1. Lifecycle expense While pebble or asphalt driveways may have a lower upfront cost, in the longer term you’ll find concrete saves you money. The service life of a concrete driveway is, on average, about 50-60 percent longer than asphalt. When it comes to many pebble or stone mix driveways, much of the mixed material ends up in your house, washed away by rain or blown onto the road.

  2. Reduce dust and dirt in your home While many people opt for a stone or pebble driveway for cost-effectiveness, the true cost is the amount of dirt and dust that will get walked in or blown in from your drive way. We think a driveway that reduces your cleaning load is simply priceless…but lucky for you, we’re here to do it for a fair and reasonable price.

  3. Heat reflectance With Australian temperatures, we’ve all fallen victim to a hot slab of asphalt in the summer. Unlike an asphalt driveway, concrete driveways will reflect heat more than absorb it. Meaning, you can walk comfortably barefooted to your car all summer – a serious consideration for family homes.

  4. Load-baring capacity (boats, caravans, trucks) Concrete is a strong, rigid material that isn’t prone to warping, rutting or many other forms of damage. For homes with a heavy fleet of vehicles, a concrete driveway is a must – just be sure you choose the right concreter who will deliver a high standard of work your drive will stand strong for a very long time.

  5. Beauty and curb appeal As delightfully practical as concrete is, it equals in beauty and curb appeal. In fact, a nice concrete driveway will certainly help your home’s resale value. Our most commonly requested driveway finishes are: 

  • Plain concrete with stipple finish

  • Coloured concrete 

  • Exposed aggregate concrete

Ready for a concrete driveway quote? 

Contact your local Torquay concreting team at Arkonik to chat through your project. Our expert team can guide you through the whole process and help bring your vision to life.

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