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Architectural concrete

Talk to our Torquay concreting team about architectural concrete and get a quote today.


Architectural concrete is structural concrete with a visual aesthetic, often adding a feature aspect to an outdoor or internally designed space. With our customers we create many concrete feature pieces such as building or landscaping feature walls, outdoor kitchens, floating stairs and retaining walls. However, architectural concrete also extends to indoor applications like kitchen bench tops and polished concrete floors. 


Because of the highly versatile manner of concrete, its ability to be textured, coloured and added to – architectural concrete is becoming a more popular choice for design projects with ever-growing applications, ideas and innovations.


With its great flexibility, concrete can deliver on truly bespoke designs, allowing for all shapes, heights, colours and textures. Another beautiful quality of architectural concrete is its ability to get better with age. From first pour, your concrete wall or steps will be exposed to weather and translates really beautifully into a more aged and earthy look.


Benefits of architectural concrete

  • Versatile in design

  • Looks better over time

  • Blends well with natural landscape and home

  • Cost-effective in comparison with other systems

  • Comes in many colour and texture options


Clear design vision

Working with concrete gives you endless options when it comes to design. Architectural concrete can be formed into curves, structures and shapes, vertical and horizontal. At Arkonik Concrete, we use a mixture of formwork and/or raw EPS foam moulds to achieve stylised shapes for things like features walls, concrete furniture or steps. 


When you’re working with us, we like to be involved at the earliest opportunity in your planning. This way, we’ll be able to get a clear understanding of your vision early on, make informed recommendations and get the very best outcome for you.


During this time, it’s important to mention any future plans or additional concreting works you may want to do down the track – we’ll make sure current works will be designed to a spec that allows for later works. A collaborative approach with your Arkonik concrete expert will ensure good communication, understanding and a great outcome.


Concrete mix and formulation

When it comes to architectural concreting, quality materials are key. The Arkonik concreting team will evaluate and ensure that all concrete, cement and aggregate formulations are optimised for a superior finish and long-lasting durability.

Concrete finishes

Many concrete textures and finishes can be utilised for architectural concrete – with  so many options it can be hard to choose. The team at Arkonik Concrete Torquay can take you through your options and give great recommendations based on your designs and surrounding landscape to make sure you get the striking, natural or muted visual affect you’re after.

Talk to your local Torquay concreter about your finishing options:


  • Polished concrete

  • Exposed aggregate

  • Coloured concrete

  • Formed concrete

  • Form lined concrete

  • Troweled finishes

  • Brushed finishes

  • Blast cleaned or mechanically tooled

  • Patented imprinted concrete


At Arkonik Concrete, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional work and taking care of your project end-to-end. Our team offer all the following services:


  • Concrete Installation

  • Creating different decorative effects

  • Grinding, polishing, and sealing concrete surfaces

  • Laying house foundations

  • Concrete cutting

  • Cleaning dirty concrete

  • Reinforcing concrete to strengthen

  • Pouring concrete into formwork for creating structures and features


Get in touch with your local Torquay concreting team at Arkonik Concrete to chat through your architectural concrete designs and plans. Our expert team can guide you through the whole process, complete with CAD designs to help bring your vision to life.

Ready to talk architectural concrete design? Get a free quote


Contact your local Torquay concreting team at Arkonik to chat through your project. Our expert team can guide you through the whole process and help bring your vision to life.


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