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Coloured concrete options and pricing

Updated: Feb 19

With coloured concrete, you can individualise your new Torquay home build or renovation. We love coloured concrete for driveways, concrete floating steps and concrete pool surrounds. Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about colour, texture, sealers, maintenance, and coloured concrete pricing.

Coloured concrete is a great way to stylishly match your concrete features, paths or driveways with its landscape surrounds. As Torquay’s concrete experts, we can help you achieve a bespoke finish that won’t date and you can love for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a coloured concrete driveway or coloured concrete pool surrounds, we can help you with:

  • Designs

  • Oxide pigment options 

  • Concrete textures and finishes

  • Decorative concrete features

  • Pool surrounds and wet areas

  • Driveway and surface install

  • Excavation, earthworks and plumbing

Coloured concrete options

It’s important to consider the day-to-day use of your concrete area and the practicality of the colour you pick. Lighter, brighter colours are beautiful and add ‘pop’ to your home. Equally, they may come with more cleaning and maintenance depending on the intended use.

At Arkonik Concrete in Torquay we’ll help you choose the right concrete colour, shade and texture to match your home, landscape, and practical needs.

The oxides we use are high quality, resistant to UV rays, weather and fading. Grey tones are a popular choice for many homes, though concrete pigments range from warm natural browns, cool blues and neutral toned greys to yellows and terracotta.

We’ll be happy to share our coloured concrete knowledge, take you through samples and suggest what might work best for your concrete pool surrounds, outdoor entertaining area, or driveway.

Holcim Geostone's coloured concrete palate.
Holcim Geostone's coloured concrete range.

Textures and slip resistant surfaces

To build on your uniquely coloured concrete driveway or features, texture or stones can also be added to give sophistication and customise your outdoor space.

Exposed aggregate

Installing coloured exposed aggregate is the popular choice for many Torquay driveways.  Exposed aggregate exposes the stones in the concrete slab, a multicolour stone combination set in place. We typically finish off by adding a slip resistant sealer to give extra grip to the surface, particularly on steep driveways or wet areas. This finish is textured to look at and textured to touch.

Honed concrete

Honed coloured concrete offers a beautiful stone-dappled look with a smooth finish. A style which exposes stones within the concrete and then honed down for a polished finish. This finish is very elegant and feels beautiful and smooth to walk and drive on.

Stipple finish

A stipple finish is a light textured swirl finish that is often used for large, paved areas exposed to heavy traffic. This kind of finish is durable and low-maintenance and can be harder-wearing than a broom finish.

Broom finish

If you’re so in love with your chosen concrete colour, you may want to keep variations in the concrete to a minimum. A broom finish is a simple and consistent finish that adds small but noticeable grooves to your concrete path or driveway, not interrupting a block colour look.

Coloured concrete sealers and maintenance

To keep your concrete driveway or outdoor area in tip-top shape year-round, we suggest a deep clean and re-sealing to be done every 2 – 3 years. Sealing concrete protects the surface from oil and water-based spills as well as tyre marks and dirt. Plus, it makes it easier for you to clean.

We can offer a range of sealers to suit your general needs, weather, use and overall look. With the right sealer you can choose to enhance the richness of your coloured concrete with a surface coating sealer or simply keep the natural finish look with a penetrating sealer.

Coloured concrete pricing

Coloured concrete costs vary depending on the project:

As well as other factors on site:

  • The size of your site

  • Access to your site 

  • Required excavation and earthworks (if your site is not level)

  • Plumbing (if your site requires drainage to be installed or alterations like raising hot water units or air conditioners to match the new concrete slab)

  • Concrete pumping: In some cases, a concrete pump will be used to ensure a smooth and prompt installation if access is restricted, or a substantial amount of concrete is needed)

At Arkonik Concreting, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional work and taking care of your project end-to-end. Our team offer all the following services:

  • Concrete Installation

  • Creating different decorative effects

  • Grinding, polishing, and sealing concrete surfaces

  • Laying house foundations

  • Concrete cutting

  • Cleaning dirty concrete

  • Reinforcing concrete to strengthen

  • Pouring concrete into formwork for creating structures and features

Get in touch with your local Torquay concreting team at Arkonik Concrete to chat through your coloured concrete and texture options. Our expert team can guide you through the whole process, complete with CAD designs to help bring your vision to life.

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