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How much does concrete cost in 2024?

Updated: Feb 7

Close up shot of exposed aggregate concrete pool surrounds.
Recent pool works done by Arkonik Concreting in Torquay.

As far as versatile building materials go, concrete is one of the best. Not only is it easy to source – it’s easy to install. A great fit across a spectrum of projects, it can be styled and textured to suit any space. From house slabs and driveways to garden paving, outdoor kitchens, and floating stairs – concrete is a comparatively affordable and timeless material compared to many other building materials.

In this guide we’ll walk through: 

How much does concrete cost?

Generally, the cost of concreting should be in the range of:

Plain Concrete

$120 tp $160 per sqm

$160 to $180 per sqm

$180 to $220 per sqm

Honed Concrete

$300 to $350 per sqm

Concrete costs vary depending on the project:

As well as a few other factors on site:

  • Access to your site (how much extra time it may take to get the concreting done based on access)

  • The size of your site

  • Excavation: How much it costs to excavate and get your site levelled

  • Plumbing: How much drainage needs to be installed on site, existing alterations as raising hot water units or air conditioners to match new concrete finish.

  • Concrete Pumping: If access is restricted or a large amount of concrete is needed, a concrete pump will be used to ensure a smooth and prompt installation.

Concrete costs per m3 or m2

Most commonly, concrete prices are now quoted on the project type and size, considering all the factors mentioned above. At Arkonik we individualise each quote to make sure the client is getting the best quality and price for their project. Occasionally, you may find a concreter quotes a basic project on a square metre (m2) or metre cubic (m3) price. Often when a concreter charges a sqm price there will be additional charges on top. Should you come across it, here’s a ballpark of what you might pay for each:

m2: Expect to pay $120 to $220 for concrete per m2

m3: Expect to pay $200 to $300 for concrete per m3, or up to $350 per m3 for 40 MPa strength.

How much do concreters charge?

Hourly rates for concreters vary throughout Australia range from anywhere between $49.50 – $67.50 per hour. Again, this will depend on the type of project, expertise and equipment required. The good news is, good concreters use expensive equipment to speed up the install process, keeping your overall costs per m2 down.

Remember, cheap is not always best – concrete is a long-term investment. A good concreter will make sure your project stands the test of time.

At Arkonik Concreting, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional work and offer all the following services:

  • Concrete Installation

  • Laying house foundations

  • Concrete cutting

  • Cleaning dirty concrete

  • Reinforcing concrete to strengthen it

  • Pouring concrete into formwork for creating a variety of structures

  • Grinding, polishing, and sealing concrete surfaces

  • Creating different decorative effects

Types of concreting projects

Depending on the type of project you’re starting, you may hire a concreter for several different jobs: 

  • Concrete pools: concrete is ever-growing in popularity for swimming pools as it is both a stylish and very stable/ durable option for pools and pool surrounds

  • Concrete driveways (a must-have for all homes and available in a wide range of finishes)

  • Exposed aggregate concrete (a decorative effect we create by adding stone to the concrete mix. Fantastic for driveways, patios and pathways. Arkonik are a proud partner and approved installer for Geostone in the Torquay, Geelong and broader Surfcoast region).

  • Concrete footpaths

  • Concrete formwork (timber framework that holds concrete into form while it hardens)

  • Concrete foundations

  • Concrete house and shed slabs

  • Coloured concrete

  • Honed concrete (a concrete flooring solution that produces an even and smooth matte finish)

Exposed aggregate concrete home surrounds and stairs in Torquay.
Outdoor concrete home surrounds and stairs by Arkonik Concreting in Torquay.

Hiring a concreter

When choosing between concreters, it can be like comparing apples and oranges. To find the right fit for your concreting project, ask the following questions: 

  • Do you have references I can call?

  • Are you licensed for my type of project?

  • What level of insurance do you have?

  • Can I see photos of previous jobs?

Concreting licences vary state-by-state. All states (other than Tasmania and the Northern Territory) require either a concreting license or builder’s license. 

With the rise in material popularity, concreters are covering a larger scope of works than ever before, inside and outside. Concreters are not all the same and while some may be excellent at basic works, they may not be ideal for architectural type projects.

This is important to remember when you’re hiring because:

  • You’ll likely get a more competitive quote from a specialist (if a concreter specialises in pools surrounds (like we do) they’ll have all the right tools and expertise to get the job done quickly and to a high standard, saving you money).

  • A specialist will work to a higher standard than a general concreter for certain types of work, for example, interior floating stairs or outdoor kitchen

  • A specialist has all the right equipment from the get-go – you won’t be charged for the hire of additional equipment required on your job

For example, some concreters specialise in large concrete foundations. They’ll have large trucks and concrete pumps to help them work efficiently, in the most cost-effective manner. The same company may not be the best choice for designer concrete work that requires expert grinding and decorative finishes.

Getting quotes for concreting costs

Ideally, you want quotes from at least 3 concreters to gage the current market rates. Then, consider more than just the quote pricing and look at the portfolio of works before making your decision. Remember, the better the concreting team is for your specific job, the quicker the job will get completed and the better finish you get. This can save you money in the short and long term. Also check the inclusions of the scope of works, does it include concrete cutting for expansion joins, concrete sealing to prevent stains and thickness of concrete along with the type of reinforcement that will be used.

Ready for a concreting quote?

Contact your local Torquay concreting team at Arkonik Concreting to chat through your pool area, driveway, outdoor kitchen and more. Our expert team can guide you through the whole process and help bring your vision to life.

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